AcuEnergentics Treatments

With its comprehensive understanding of the energetic physiology and anatomy of the body, AcuEnergetics® transforms pain and disease in the body and mind, by restoring the natural energy flow. Here are some of the problems we treat.

  • Chronic back and neck pain

  • Menstrual and fertility problems

  • Chronic stress and panic attacks

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Abdominal pain and constipation

  • Depression, grief and anxiety

  • Breathing Problems

  • Knee, shoulder, and joint pain

  • Speed up healing after surgery

  • Sports injuries

  • Burns

  • Cancer Support

Wellness Balances

In adition to offering treatments for specific complaints, AcuEnergetics® also has a series of Wellness Balances to reduce stress and tension, increase energy flow, reduce stiffness, strengthen the immune system and bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

  • Energy Liver Cleanse

    Effective in detoxing the liver organ.
  • Energy Lymph Drainage

    Stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts immunity.
  • Circulation of the Light

    Helps with poor circulation, low energy, cold and flu symptoms, reduces stress and jet lag.
  • Sacral Balance

    Beneficial for pain in the spine, legs and pelvic area.
  • Wind Gates Balance

    Excellent for abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, poor digestion, bloating and tension in the abdomen.
  • Energy Centre Balance

    Ideal to have during times of emotional stress.
  • Thrusting Channels Balance

    Increase energy & improve the immune system.
  • Reverse Sacral Balance

    Used pre-pregnancy for optimum health, to improve fertility, and ease pain associated with menstrual disorders.
  • Pelvic Alignment Balance

    Helpful for sciatica and pain in the coccyx, pelvis, and lower back.
  • Three Spinal Gates Balance

    Helps to ease pain and tension in the specific areas of the head, neck and back.
  • Stomach 4’s Balance

    Great for pain in the hips, back and pelvis and tension in the sacro iliac joint.