Healing Waters Healing Center

We offer a free 30 minute consultations where you and a professional will create a plan creating your best care program.
Yes, they are confidential, in the event we are working with other health care providers, your information is only shared with other professionals after you sign a release form.
Yes, we have seen more and more people who struggle with anxiety. AcuEnergetics removes blocked energy and creates movement—opening the body and the mind, resulting in feeling energized. There are many techniques used for anxiety but few address the source, we do this through, sessions and teaching meditation.
Yes, we have many different services which support wellness and can assist in shifting energy and patterns of behavior contributing to symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many of our techniques result in clients experiencing deep calmness, joy and peace. We have personal growth programs and energy/ body work programs that support brain changes and improved sense of well-being.
We are an integrative health care center, not a medical facility. Typically our services support health and well-being and many of our clients find our services to blend well with traditional medicine. We value collaboration with all other service providers. If you have medical needs or history, we like to know what is happening for you before servicing you. This is beneficial in helping us serve and understand your needs. If you have questions specifically about this, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss any concerns you may have. Please check with your doctor prior to any integrative health care for you or your loved one.
Services at HWHC are private pay. Some HSA accounts are accepted depending on your provider.
Yes, we have bundled sessions into packages that can be used individually or shared with family members to create a savings for you.

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