Ania’s AcuEnergetics®
Unplanned Journey

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Mother and AcuEnergetics® student Ania Keliher talks about her unplanned journey with AcuEnergetics®.

Transcript of Ania's Testimonial

Hi, my name is Ania and I came to AcuEnergetics® because I was having back pain and it had been going on for 2 years and it wasn't going away. So I had a recommendation to come to see an AcuEnergetics® practitioner and it got sorted out, in one session my back pain was gone. And I was really interested in what that was and how that worked so I took the level 1 training just to understand, try to understand it a little bit better. And then it just kept going from there. I was too curious for it all but, yeah, it’s been really good.

I did the level 2 training and level 3 training and the practitioner training. And it's been super fascinating. The whole process has been really interesting to learn what happens in our bodies and notice what's happening in my own body. It's been really good.

I am going to get my certification to be an AcuEnergetics® practitioner, an AcuEnergetics® practitioner. I use AcuEnergetics® all the time, whether it's noticing my own things that are happening in my own body or for my kids. You know I have two little kids and they often ask for me to AcuEnergetics® something just about every day. A little ache and pain or an upset stomach or whatever it is. It's really nice to have a tool to actually help them feel better.

It completely changed the way I look at health and how people get sick. It's completely different than what I used to think. I've really liked having the meditations from AcuEnergetics®. I never used to meditate or anything like that before and now I feel like it's a really great tool for me.

So before I ever got involved with AcuEnergetics® I really had an opinion about how that whole energy thing was and I didn't really think that it was something that was real for me. I thought that maybe it was real for some people but not really – I didn't really identify with it very well myself. So it's been really interesting and opened my eyes to something that I really wasn't even looking for at all at the time.

It's awesome! I just feel like it's the kind of thing that everyone can benefit from, that everyone can learn something from, what we learned from AcuEnergetics® that it's truly life changing and a really great thing to add to anyone's life. I know for me as a parent it's really been helpful. And in my own health and in my own wellness, emotional, physical health and for my kids too and my family it's been really great.

I think that everyone would benefit from the level 1 training. It's great because we get like a foundation to work through and anyone would benefit from it, whether you're going to use this for other people or use it for yourself. It's awesome!

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Unplanned Journey”

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