About Healing Waters

  • We are convinced that you have been directed to us for a purpose and are thrilled to share what we have to offer. Be prepared to experience good vibrations as you enter this safe and inviting space.
  • We have created this center to provide the next generation of health awareness and growth. We help you tap into your mind, body, spirit and soul for permanent transformation. Offering both traditional as well as cutting-edge services, we provide unique opportunities for our clients' forward movement into the life they are here to live.
  • We have a variety of services that have a common denominator of “wellness through heart-centered practices”. The approach is to assist others on their wellness journeys. The services are offered in a calm, quiet, joy-filled space. You can choose to begin your journey individually in small rooms or with others using our larger group spaces.
  • We have created a quiet, serene setting in the industrial park area of Hudson, WI. People are often quite surprised at our hidden oasis. You are welcome to stop by -- we have free and ample parking!
  • Pick up additional information or call to request a tour. The latest on what is currently being offered at the center. Attire at the center is comfortable and casual and we encourage limited use of cell phones and perfumes for the comfort of our guests. The building houses a 94-degree saltwater therapeutic pool.
  • Points of Stillness is located in the rear of the building and provides a variety of occupational therapies for all ages.
  • Awaken Higher Brain Living uses a larger space in the building, giving people the opportunity to tap into their true potential through neurological pathways.
  • A popular service is our Biomat / Soqi bed where we have combined two pieces of equipment, to create one amazing service. Enjoy time alone while your body relaxes, rejuvenates and cleanses itself of toxins.
  • The center also offers a variety of products that assist in achieving and maintaining wellness: Essential Oils, Arbonne, Aeroponic, tower gardens, Juice Plus – a whole food supplement, bio mats and soqi beds. All are available for purchase.

Our Waiting Room

We Look Forward to Assisting You in Achieving the Life You Desire to Live!